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What is Vedic Art?

Vedic Art is a road map to access, enhance and express your creativity.

A method of personal development through painting, sculpture or other forms of Art.

A step by step guide through the stages and tools of the creative process and personal fulfilment.

       What we Offer?

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artistic shadow of a cactus
a kitten relaxing in a pot of flowers


Spend your time creatively by taking a Vedic Art course. Experience a journey of artistic exploration and self- discovery. Vedic Art, which is rooted in ancient Indian wisdom and spirituality, provides a unique platform for you to connect with your inner creativity and express
it through a variety of art forms.


Indulge in relaxation amidst the nature of the Greek island of Aegina while participating in a Vedic Art course. Let the experience
fill you up. Ae
gina, with its azure waters, its ancient olive grove, its many trails
provides the perfect backdrop for a harmonious blend of creativity and

photo of landscape in aegina


Guided by the principles of Vedic Art, you'll learn to see the world with fresh eyes,
free from preconceived notions and constraints. Whether sketching a temple,
painting a sunset, or sculpting the essence of a dr
eam, your art will become a reflection of your unique perspective and the island's
enduring spirit.

seagulls flying over the sea in aegina


Learning to fly, metaphorically, on the Greek island of Aegina while engaging in a Vedic Art course is a profound exploration of self-discovery and artistic expression. Just as a fledgling bird takes its first steps into the boundless sky, participants on this unique journey spread their creative wings, reaching for new heights in their artistic pursuits.​



Sara Olen


Sara Olén & Fredrik Olén founded Art of Veda  in 2012. 

As a child, I lived in Iran during the war, in Malaysia's paradise, in a turbulent Algeria and later in the US. When I moved back to Sweden, I experienced a cultural shock and it took me years to feel at home in my own country. I had a hard time finding my own identity. After 11 years in the corporate world, I chose to resign without knowing my next steps. see more

Maureen Voigt

Maureen Voigt 

Maureen has been a painter for years, a trainer and coach in creativity development and has worked for years as a team leader focusing on solving particularly complex situations, involving psychiatry, addiction, serious nuisance and care times.

In November 2017 she moved to Gaast to devote herself entirely to Vedic Art and her own art. In 2020 she became a teacher in Vedic Art clay.


Johannes Kallman

Johannes the son of the founder of Vedic Art, Curt Kallman, is the man who is behind Vedic Art for the last 15 years. Johannes has been introducing students to the method and he is to credit for keeping the method alive and spreading it.

He teaches all the course of Vedic Art around the world and he also offers course every summer in the wonderful Orland in Sweden. An experience not to be missed.

For more on the origins of Vedic Art but also on Johannes

please see more



Yanis Zagorianakos

Yanis has been a full time artist & craftsman for the last 25 years. He was born in Athens, grew up between Athens, Johanesburg & London, and educated in The City University London, BSc Industrial Chemistry & Design.

He is a certified Vedic Art Teacher & spokesperson for Vedic Art Greece.


Introduction to Vedic Art

Introduction to Vedic Art

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Clouds in the sky over aegina
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