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Partner Help

Both referral links and coupons are tools to provide incentive to referrals made by Partners. However, they serve slightly different purposes:

  1. Referral Link:

  2. Purpose: A referral link is a unique URL assigned to each partner. When someone clicks on this link and makes a booking, the partner earns a set 10% commission on the booking.

  3. Functionality: The referral link tracks the entire referrals journey from the click on the link to the completed booking, ensuring that the appropriate partner receives credit for the booking.

  4. Usage: Partners share their referral links through various channels, such as websites, social media, emails, or other marketing channels.

  5. Coupon Code:

  6. Purpose: A coupon code is a unique code assigned to a partner that referrals  can apply at the checkout to receive a discount on their booking.

  7. Functionality: The coupon code serves as both a tracking mechanism and an incentive. When referrals use the partner's coupon code, it indicates that the booking originated from that specific partner.

  8. Usage: Partners promote their unique coupon codes, and people enter the code during the checkout process to enjoy a 5% discount.

Key Differences:

  • Tracking Mechanism:

  • Referral Link: Tracks the entire customer journey from click to booking.

  • Coupon Code: Tracks the sale when customers apply the unique code during checkout.

  • Incentive:

  • Referral Link: Incentivises people through the affiliate's promotion and the potential for a commission.

  • Coupon Code: Incentivizes people through a direct discount on their purchase.

  • Promotion Channels:

  • Referral Link: Shared through various marketing channels like websites, social media, emails, etc.

  • Coupon Code: Promoted through similar channels, but customers need to enter the code at the checkout.

  • Visibility:

  • Referral Link: Typically transparent to the customer unless they actively check the URL.

  • Coupon Code: Visible to the customer during the checkout process.

In summary, both referral links and coupon codes are tools that partners use to drive bookings, but they offer different approaches to tracking and incentivizing customers. Referral links track the entire customer journey, while coupon codes offer a direct discount associated with the partner. Combining both can provide a comprehensive and flexible approach to your partner program.



When you register and become a partner, typically you would promote your partner link, not your coupon directly. Here's how it generally works:

  1. Partner Link:

  2. As a partner, you are provided with a unique partner/affiliate link. This link is specific to you and is used to track the traffic and bookings generated through your promotional efforts.

  3. When someone clicks on your partner/affiliate link and makes a booking, you earn a 10% commission on that sale.

  4. This link is the primary way to attribute bookings to your partner account, and it's what you would typically share with your audience.

  5. Coupon Code:

  6. The coupon code helps track bookings back to you in case the referal doesn't use your partner link directly but still uses your unique code during checkout.

  7. The primary focus, however, is usually on promoting your partner/affiliate link.


So, in most cases, you would primarily promote your partner link to ensure proper tracking and commission attribution. The coupon code might come into play as an extra benefit for your audience, encouraging them to use the code and, in turn, get a 5% discount.

If you have further questions or need help please contact us below.

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