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Special Offer  Booking includes 

1. Accommodation at The Grapevine House for solo, couples or groups of 1-4 people willing to share a 2 bedroom house.

2. Vedic Art Foundation Course tought by Yanis Zagorianakos in English and/or Greek
3. One meal a day.
This special offer is available to book  from 2nd of November 2024 to 29th of March 2025

If the date you choose is not clickable it means it is already booked, try another date.


Foundation Course 
Taught in English & Greek by Yanis Zagorianakos

In the Foundation course students are introduced to the 17 Principles of art and life. The starting point is your own inner motivation. You put pen to paper and then the creation process goes into full expansion. It is very simple. The only thing that can be a bit difficult is to stop painting! 

The Foundation Course is for those of you who have not done Vedic Art courses before, or only gone through parts of the basic course. Foundation courses in Aegina always follow the original programme as it was created by the founder of Vedic Art, Curt Källman. No prior art experience is required to attend the course.

The course runs for 6 days from Saturday evening to the following Saturday morning. The lectures take place at The Cool Projects Studio, are usually set in the morning and run for 30-45 mins. The rest of the day you are free to paint in your studio space or take time off to use as you please.

Basic materials needed: canvas, notebook, pencils, sketchbook, water based colours and tools of your choice, cloths that can get covered in paint and last but not least, your inspiration.

Basic materials are not provided, you are asked to bring your own or:
1. Visit the local shop where basic painting materials are available. Please note we are not responsible for the selection and/or availability of products in stock,
2. Order everything you need online in the shop of your choice and post your order to us (address below) so that everything is here waiting for you.
Shipping address:
The Cool Projects Studio,
5 Agias Paraskevis street, Meristos
1810 Aegina, Greece
T. +306972250926
Please make sure you post your order well in advance of your course dates and inform us at

Coffee & tea is provided throughout the course. There will be a closing event at our home, to celebrate the completion of the course, with snacks and drinks. You will have time to enjoy the Island of Aegina, and we will arrange one or two excursions, depending on time and wishes of the group.


Special Offer Vedic Art Foundation Course plus Accommodation

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