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Vedic Art Terms & Conditions

Vedic Art® all rights reserved

Vedic Art ® is a unique modern method and was founded as a Course in Sweden in 1988.

Vedic Art is a registered international trademark. All rights reserved. The only way to get access to Curt Källmans method and the 17 Principles is to join a Vedic Art course, through pure personal experience.

Vedic Art courses

  • Vedic Art® courses may only be held by trained Vedic Art teachers.

  • All courses held in the name of Vedic Art, which are based on the principles of the method, must be approved by Vedic Art.

  • It is not permitted to convey or publish Vedic Art principles and course content outside the course setting.

  • Vedic Art lectures are to be given live in real time during the courses according to oral tradition. Recordings, video and audio are not allowed.

  • Activities that are not included within the Vedic Art method are not to be held during the course.

  • All educational material that contain Vedic Arts course programmes and principles must always be held under the name of Vedic Art.

Vedic Art Teachers

  • Eligibility to apply to the Vedic Art Teacher Training Classes is obtained by completing the Foundation and Continuation Course. After completing the respective Teacher Training Course, the student becomes a certified Vedic Art Teacher.

  • All courses must be taught in accordance with The 17 Principles and the method created by the founder Curt Källman.

  • The necessary instructions for course length and the course fee guidelines are conveyed in the Teacher Training and are updated on the official national websites of Vedic  Art. 

  • The certification of a Vedic Art Teacher can be revoked by the teachers themselves or through a decision by Vedic Art. 

  • Vedic Art teachers are legally, solely responsible for their course activities, finances and organization.

  • Special dispensation is needed to teach Vedic Art online classes. 

*Vedic Art reserves the right to update or change the Teacher Instructions as well as the current Terms and Conditions.

Vedic Art® Official Logo Usage Guidleines

For Vedic Art Teachers and Vedic Art course organizers.

The Vedic Art logo is available in both black, white and original 4-colour version.

The colour version is always used when possible, white logo on dark background and black logo on a light background when other colours are not used, e.g. black and white printing.

The colour version of the 4-colour logo may only be used with the combination of colours found in the original version.


Areas of Use

The logo may only be used by Vedic Art teachers and course organizers in relation to the presentation and marketing of Vedic Art course activities.

The Vedic Art logo may only be displayed in its original version. Images or texts may not be added to the logo. The logo may not be processed, modified or changed. Text and images that appear in the same presentation as the logo must not interfere with the integrity of the logo or be placed too close to the logo. A rule of thumb is the measurement of the height of the logo.

The logo may be displayed on Vedic Art teachers' websites, social media, marketing materials, newsletters and the like. The logo must be placed left, right or centred on the document, either at the top or at the bottom.

The Logo represents to Course activities

The logo may only be presented in forums relating to Vedic Art course activities.

Vedic Art is not an artistic genre. Therefore, the logo may not appear in the presentation or marketing of art exhibitions. Nor on individual artists' personal websites and social media.


The logo may be displayed directly on the main page of Vedic Art teacher websites that are entirely dedicated to Vedic Art course activities. If a course leader in Vedic Art has his own website that presents both Vedic Art courses and other activities, the logo may only be displayed on the part of the website that deals specifically with Vedic Art.


Signs or flags with the Vedic Art logo may only appear outside premises intended solely for Vedic Art course activities. Exceptions apply to course centers and premises that clearly display their own logo or nameplate. In these cases, the Vedic Art logo may be displayed in a smaller format under the center's own logo. This is possible if the center offers Vedic Art courses as part of its activities.

Correct Files

Vedic Art teachers and Vedic Art course organizers can be given the logo in a file format suitable for print or web format. Contact Vedic Art if interested.

Contact us via email:

Vedic Art reserves the right to decide the conditions for how the logo is to be used and, if necessary, to update these conditions. The logo may only be used in accordance with Vedic Art's instructions. Any other use is prohibited.

       Vedic Art ® Registered trademark.

       Sweden 325532 (PRV 1997)

       European Union 014524482 (EUIPO 2015)

       International 1344798 (WIPO 2017)

       United States 5455666 (USPTO 2018)

       All rights reserved Johannes Källman, Sweden. The Curt Källman Method - Vedic Art.

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