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The Vedic Art method

​The origins of Vedic Art ® can be traced back to its founder, the Swedish artist Curt Källman (1938-2010). Källman's journey towards creating Vedic Art began when he embarked on an inner exploration to discover a liberating and spontaneous method for expressing himself on canvas.

Central to Vedic Art are the "Seventeen Vedic Principles of Art and Life," which Curt Källman came across in 1974 through the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008), a respected Indian meditation teacher. Källman further developed the content and instructional approach of the Vedic Art method throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

The formal establishment of the Vedic Art method took place in 1988 in Sweden, with the Seventeen Principles of Indian Vedic Philosophy, an ancient oral tradition, at its core. The term "Vedic" draws its roots from the Sanskrit word "Veda," signifying knowledge or wisdom. Vedic Art is founded on the fundamental belief that each individual possesses inherent creative power and wisdom from birth. Painting serves as a vital tool for unlocking these inner resources, enabling their practical application in both life and art. Participation in a Vedic Art course led by a Vedic Art teacher is the exclusive path to access the course content and the Seventeen Principles. Prior artistic knowledge is not a prerequisite - Vedic Art welcomes everyone.

The foundation course in Vedic Art incorporates creative exercises that "open the inner seeing" in alignment with the Seventeen Principles. These creative activities have been thoughtfully designed by Curt Källman, drawing inspiration from both traditional and modern Western art traditions, from the Renaissance onwards. They are adapted to emphasize artistic freedom, the creative process,  integrity, and the connection between the creative journey, life, and personal development. Vedic Art courses provide participants with tools to explore their creative expressions, often leading to a deeper sense of unity between the creator, their creation and their art form. The Seventeen Principles serve as a guiding map for this personal creative journey.


Comfort and safety

By booking the course and accepting our terms and conditions, you undertake to follow and respect Vedic Art's rules for well-being and safety.

Peace & Quiet in the studios

Please note that only short and quiet conversations are allowed inside our studios. We ask for all to respect the space of each participant and to work in silence. Total silence is not required, we can have quiet exchanges when not in the process of creating.


Do not comment or ask questions about other participants’ paintings. Respect every person's right to be in their own process.

If you should have any questions or if the need for support should arise, then please turn to one of the teachers. Never take photos of other participants and their paintings, unless you’ve got their permission to do so.

Our own studio space

We have the right to remain undisturbed while in our own studio space. Please allow for other participants to paint on their own, without entering their personal space. People that are in the process of creating are not to be disturbed by any means.

Risk of Fire

It is forbidden to bring any type of fire into the art spaces. Incense, lighted candles are not allowed, and smoking is only allowed in outdoor spaces.

No oil painting/cans in our studios.

Due to the smell and for environmental reasons, we do not use oil painting in our seminars. All other media are allowed.

Visitors & Guests

The time schedule during which we can receive visiting guests in the course premises is to be found on the noticeboard in the  studios.

view of the sea from a hill in amorgos

In our Vedic Art courses in Aegina, our goal is to offer you an immersive experience centered on unlocking and expressing your creativity. We believe in connecting with nature and your inner self, all while embracing a rhythm that suits your individual needs. Our community values are about respecting personal space and time, and fostering a secure environment for the exploration of your creative potential.

Set in the welcoming island ofAegina, we hope to provide you a all round holistic experience. The island offers many additional activities and opportunities for exploration, as well as delicious, fresh seafood and locally sourced fruit, vegetable and dairy products. Historical sites dot the landscape, adding a layer of cultural richness to your experience.

All these elements come together to create a unique space-time capsule, allowing you to escape from your everyday routine and spend a transformative week in a world where nature, self-discovery, and creativity intersect.

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